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Living in the Present, Being Complete, and Powerfully Creative


Ready to master your day and live powerfully?

Stuck in a rut? Not getting to what you feel is most important?  Not feeling complete? You are not alone!

Integrity Buddies community work together in the Performance Triads framework to be accountable, honor our word, and take action doing what we care about. By practicing behavioral integrity, honoring your word, you can develop authenticity, leadership, and power to make a massive difference for others.

Integrity Buddies focus on being aligned with one’s purpose.

  • We are practicing integrity of our word, honoring our word, and following through on what we say we are doing.
  • We are practicing being present, and acknowledging our holdups that create separation from others.
  • We get complete by restoring integrity, and restoring power.
  • From the alchemy of completion, we have the power to create new possibility for ourselves and others.

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What Does Membership Include?



Working in triads is proven best for holding one another accountable to personal commitments. Action plans are shared daily via email and concisely reviewed on a short triad call.

Knowledge Work

Members join a new Performance Triad each month. You are exposed and contribute to the diversity of knowledge in the community for maximum benefit.


Triad work is confronting. Discover how you may not really want to change. We practice transformation; getting present, getting complete, and creating a new future.



Each Triad is supported by a Coach. Coaches lead a weekly session to spark transformation. Performance Triad coaches have participated in the Big Loving Leaders training.


Membership includes access to an online forum. Connect with your triad members and declare commitments. Journal your experience as the month progresses. Share with the whole community.


Each triad has a unique chemistry, and every triad is owned by it’s members. They have access to the structured conversation for transformation, or can leverage the coaching experience in the group.


What Members Say

“The most effective aspects of this community are openness and listening. We practice integrity as a community with the plan for the day and the daily calls.”


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