Peer Coaching with Purpose


Authors, Coaches, Pro Rainmakers

People like us practice like this everyday.

Creatively Declare How You Show Up

Learn how to hold one another accountable without judgement.

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Surpise Others by the Power of Your Word

... because you know how to keep your word. And we know how to clean things up when it gets messy.

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Give Others the Stage to Know Themselves

... because we are great at listening, knowing, and reflecting truth to each other. 

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What Our Clients Say

"The relationships I have formed through Integrity Buddies have helped me to shift long-engrained patterns of thought that were holding me back. I have learned ways to move forward from setbacks, ways to take action when I'm blocking my own progress and and entire new way of being conscious, present, and powerful in my daily life. This group is a total game changer."

- Lauren

"I used to spend a large percentage of my time procrastinating, ie. doing things to distract myself and avoid doing what I felt I should be doing. I know spend almost no time procrastinating, and almost all of my waking hours being productive and purposefully doing things I am proud of myself for doing and truly enjoy."

- Jilly

"Simply put, this sharpshooting program made up of a daily action plan and accountability is brilliant and life-changing."


"Joining Integrity Buddies has changed my life. I've met some remarkable people who have become important friends, provided invaluable insights and support for me and the work I am doing in the world. I even found a business partner!"